Sticks & Stones! Should the Tea Party slow down on the name calling? Check out what else @gibsonradio is reading up on today


The economy slowed down again in the 4th quarter: is anybody ever going to notice the president is a failure

CBS question for us: which would you rather have? money or time off?


Betcha didn’t know the Keystone pipeline would give you cancer and heart disease


Tea Party’s fifth: Rand Paul says careful what you say about the president


Hillary health


Ted Cruz attacks Hillary


Obamacare state exchanges: a disaster list


Putin takes over Crimea with soldiers without identifying markings


Clinton records released. maybe there’s a gem in there


Biden on the outs with Obama: got every shit job


IRS crackdown on tea party was in the works a year before scandal broke


The President’s IRS: how to shut down your opponents


Connecting the IRS dots


AZ 1062 caused business to go nuts


AZ 1062 alarmed GOP leaders


War on Koch brothers: will Harry Reid’s attacks work


Corker says Reid is a bad Putin


War on Women: sexist remarks welcomed by Dem fund raisers


Obama’s young black men initiative: replacing the missing dad with the all seeing uncle


Don Lemon holds back tears


“I got high”: POTUS


O’Reilly yells at Valerie Jarrett


Don Lemon: slack for Obama because he’s black


9th circuit says school district can ban the American flag on Cinco de mayo


Girls just wanna have fun: 50 shades of gray passes 100 mil sales. appears every woman in America under 80 has a well used copy

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