Are we looking at the basic question raised by Arizona SB 1062 all wrong?

It’s been put to us that we are to consider whether a Christian baker should be required to bake a wedding cake for a same sex marriage ceremony. We’re told it’s bigotry if the Christian baker denies his/her wedding cake skills and expertise to Calvin and Marvin, or Mary and Josephina, hypotetical same sex couples planning their big day.

But how about shifting the premise just a bit?

Should a Muslim baker be required to bake a wedding cake for devout Christians? Should the Muslim baker be required to provide a cake for Christian gay couples’ wedding?

Is the exercise of religious freedom (in the department of cake baking) different for Muslims than the exercise of Christian religious freedom?

Question for today: If a Muslim refuses to bake a gay wedding cake should the same jail time threatened for a Christian baker apply?


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