The Non Working Party!

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The Non-working Party!
The Congressional Budget Office released a new analysis of the economic effects of the health care law on Tuesday that estimates that it will reduce the number of workers, in effect, by 2.5 million in 2024. Former CBO Director, Doug Holtz-Eakin breaks down the numbers Plus: National Review Editor, Rich Lowry says that discouraging work is just another wonder of Obamacare. He explains.

Not a Fool! Is the GOP Immigration proposal just a way to trick anti-amnesty conservatives into voting for what in essence is Amnesty? Contributor to the Daily Caller, Mickey Kaus thinks so. He joins the show.

Sochi Stinks! Feral Dogs, off-color water, strangers busting into hotel rooms at 4am. Yes folks, welcome to the Winter Olympics! Gibson goes live to Russia with a report from Fox News Radio’s Simon Owen.

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