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Top 5 FOX on Tech Stories of the Year

(AP Photo)

From killer robots to high tech talking shoes here are the Top 5 most viewed technology stories of the year on

  1. Russia Developing Killer Robots
    Russia says it’s creating killer anti-terror robots. FOX News Radio’s Jessica Golloher reports from Moscow: FOX on Tech. It’s the wave of the future, at least here in The Motherland. Russia says it’s developing special robots that will neutralize…
  2. XBOX One Gets Personal [Video]
    The Xbox One is about to take gaming to a very personal level. FOX Business Network’s Diane Macedo explains: FOX on Tech. Microsoft’s new Xbox One gaming console aims to completely personalize users TV experience – which…
  3. Introducing Google Shoes [Video]
    Would you wear a talking shoe?  One tech giant is betting you will, developing some smart footwear. FOX News Radio’s Bill Vitka has details: FOX on Tech. Google has more in its wardrobe closet than glasses: It’s…
  4. New Nokia Phone
    Can a camera help a struggling mobile phone manufacturer make a comeback? FOX News Radio’s Jane Metzler reports: FOX on Tech Betting on a better camera. Elop: “You’ll see things with this device, that you’ve never seen…
  5. Predicting the Super Bowl
    Spoiler alert: We know who will win Sunday’s Super Bowl.  Or at least one companies thinks they know who will win. FOX News Radio’s Chris Hoenig explains: FOX on Tech. has run a simulation of Sunday’s…
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