Obama throws another HAIL MARY trying to fix Obamacare Top Of The Stack 12.20.13


Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK …

1)ObamaCare mandate lifted for those who lost their insurance due to the ACA, will be offered catastrophic plans

  • Obama Administration faces backlash over new ObamaCare exemptions
  • Another last minute chance to the ACA law causing Chaos

2) Teens arrested for allowing their friend to drive home drunk – she wound up dying

  • Is it fair teens should be in trouble for letting their friend drive drunk?
  • Flashback: Teen punished for helping drunk friend

3) Economy-GDP Grows 4.1% in Third Quarter, Biggest Gain Since 2011.

  • U.S. Economy grows at fastest pace in almost 2 years
  • Obama administration: Economy ‘stronger’ with 180,000 jobs a month