Kilmeade Kondensed-The Bad & Good of the NSA w/Brian’s take too! [audio]

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KILMEADE KONDENSED: October 25, 2013


On the NSA reportedly listening in on Angela Merkel’s calls…

In France they don’t want to talk to us, in Germany they don’t want to deal with us.  Evidently Angela Merkel…every time they have talked to the president, she brought up to him: How could you be spying on our calls? And the NSA could not even deny that they are listening in on the President’s call when he talked to Angela Merkel. What is going on?  I am pro NSA, believe me!  I do think Keith Alexander, by all accounts, is a quality individual, and his predecessor is the best, Michael Hayden. I don’t think they are up to anything.  I just like to know, since they have left, do we even know what they are up to?  Are the people underneath Keith Alexander trustworthy?


Audio clip:


The one and only, Karl Rove joined Brian on Kilmeade and Friends and broke down the Obamacare enrollment numbers!  Rove went onto reveal that is not showing the proper premiums saying, “Someone is going to sign up for plan thinking they are going to pay X, and then they are going to find out they underestimated the premium and they are going to have to pay Y!”


Business School 101!  Even though Jon Taffer (author of ‘Raise the Bar’ & host of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue) majored in political science, he gave Brian and his listeners excellent advice about what it takes to run your own business successfully!  A MUST WATCH!   And go buy Jon’s book Raise the Bar!  




TGIF! Brian was joined by democratic strategist Joe Trippi and the always-entertaining Alisyn Camerota & Chris StirewaltBrian offered up some interesting analogies, which included plantar’s warts & nipples (editor’s note: they were separate analogies!  He didn’t make one analogy containing both warts and nipples!), on the Obamacare rollout and Joe, Aly & Chris broke down the issues plaguing the rollout with their keen political eyes!


Brian sat down with the adorable Gavin Macleod and talked about his life, career and new book, This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life!


Watch Brian’s interview with Gavin from FOX AND FRIENDS here

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