For the moment, let's just say "never mind" when it comes to Obamacare's botched website roll out.

Let's talk about what happens after people are signed up for Obamacare and they are depending on it.

We don't know exactly what will happen, but we do know there is a chance premiums and deductibles will spiral up if certain people--healthy young men--don't buy insurance policies.

Now, how about our confidence the government will run this program well?

Some people have high confidence in the government's ability to perform.

So what about this?

Today we discover that the IRS has awarded $13 billion in Earned Income Tax Credits to people who were not qualified to receive those benefits.

Not only that, but it turns out these mistaken payments have been going on for a decade, and the total tab is over $100 billion.

We all lose change in the couch, but $100 billion? And they didn't notice $13 billion was going missing?

Sad, but true.

So how is confidence in Obamacare now?

I submit that any system which does not care about your $100 billion, doesn't mind if you are over charged by $13 billion a year isn't going to care much if you are overcharged by a measly few thousands of dollars on your insurance plan.

Sure you are getting quotes for health insurance that are more than you were paying or more than you expected.

What's the big surprise?

This is par for the course.

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