Homeless Man Honored For His Honesty

(AP Photo / Steven Senne)
(AP Photo / Steven Senne)

(AP Photo / Steven Senne)

A homeless man in Boston is honored by police.

FOX News Radio’s Dave Anthony has the story.

Audio clip:

If you were broke and homeless and found a backpack full of money, what would you do? Glen James turned it in.

Davis: “It really is a remarkable tribute to him and his honesty.”

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis at a ceremony Monday, (applause) awarded him a special citation.

James was modest:

James: “I don’t want to talk too much, um, because I studder.”

In a statement he wrote; he wouldn’t keep a penny, even if he was desperate. James suffers from an inner ear disease that makes it hard to work, so he lives in a homeless shelter. The $2,400 in cash and $40,000 in travelers checks he found were returned to the Chinese national who lost the money.

Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.

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