(AUDIO) “Baby Sammy” Atty: Case Just The Tip Of The Iceberg, CPA Too Quick To Take Kids Away From Parents


The “Baby Sammy” case is creating national headlines and has reignited the debate over parents rights and when its appropriate for the government to step in and take children away.

Last week, Sacramento police and child protective services took Baby Sammy Nikolayev into protective custody after his parents removed their son from Sutter Memorial to get a second opinion. Alex and Anna Nikolayev say they were unhappy with the care their five-month-old was getting at the hospital and decided to leave. However, they left without properly discharging Sammy and CPS was called after doctors felt the child’s health was at risk. (READ MORE HERE)


Attorney Joe Weinberger, who’s representing the Bikolayev, says “Sammy” was unjustly taken away and this case is just the tip of the iceberg. Weinberger says similar incidents occur on a “regular and ongoing basis” and CPS is too aggressive when it comes to taking children away from parents. LISTEN BELOW as Weinberger describes to Tom how Sammy was removed from his parents and how the government is doing stuff like this far too often:

**PLUS** While A representative from Sutter Memorial could not go on the air with us, they did release this statement:

At Sutter Memorial Hospital, children with cardiac disease receive care under the direction of board-certified physicians who bring decades of combined experience in the pediatric subspecialties of intensive care, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. We are confident our staff meets and exceeds all applicable standards of care in the management of these fragile patients.

Sutter pediatric doctors and staff routinely coordinate and encourage second opinions from appropriate facilities and physicians. We do not deny a patient or family request for a second opinion.

Our nurses and physicians are bound by law to call Child Protective Services if they believe a pediatric patient’s health is in danger.

We understand the stress and anguish parents go through when their child is in the hospital. Our No. 1 concern has always been the health and safety of this child, and we want him to receive the care he needs to live a long and healthy life.

Audio clip:


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