Off The Books: How Government Handouts Are Fueling Our Nation’s Massive Underground Economy!

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According to a report, America’s underground economy is huge (like $2 trillion huge) and may be one of the few things keeping our country afloat.

Amazed by the numbers, Tom asked the audience on Friday why so many employees are now working under the table. He got got a handful of answers. From simply avoiding taxes or contractors offering discounts, callers explained why they have worked off the books or have paid others off the books.

But it was “Bob from Illinois” who had the most troubling answer. “Bob”, who is a landlord, called in and told Tom former employees of his actually quit their jobs when they found out they weren’t getting paid under the table! Their reason? Well, Because they were getting government “assistance” and they feared the checks would stop coming if the authorities caught wind.

LISTEN BELOW to “Bob’s” call as he and Tom question how many other Americans collecting welfare or unemployment are also cheating the system?

Audio clip: