Stone Crab Shortage

    Courtesy: WSVN

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    Courtesy: WSVN
    Courtesy: WSVN

    Stone crab lovers beware! One of your favorite dishes may cost a lot more, or be missing from the menu altogether.

    FOX’s Phil Keating explains why from Marathon, Florida:

    Audio clip:

    Florida crab fisherman losing money and catching little, are stacking traps along the water; giving up early on this year’s season. Stone crab claws, the creme de la creme of Florida seafood, hard to find this year. It’s the worst stone crab season in history. State biologists say the cause that’s lurking in the water, a puzzling mystery. Could be an explosion of octopi eating the crabs in the traps, red tide toxins or tropical storm displacement. No evidence however, turned up fingering 2010’s BP oil spill. The low supply of crab claws means sky-high prices that are just stone cold crazy.

    In Marathon, Florida, Phil Keating, FOX News Radio.