Our Bubble Economy & How We Got Here — Don’t Miss “The Tom Sullivan Show” This Weekend On @FOXBUSINESS

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Don’t Miss “The Tom Sullivan Show” 7 & 10 PM ET Saturday and 7 PM Sunday on the FOX BUSINESS NETWORK!stockman


Former Reagan budget chief David Stockman says our leaders have been ruining the U.S. economy for decades.  Tom talks to him about that and his new book “The Great Deformation: the Corruption of Capitalism in America”.  Then, President Obama’s budget proposal is getting criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.  The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes weighs in.  And, why do Americans fall for retail tactics like sales, price breaks and coupons?  Tom finds out the psychology behind it with “The Marketing Doctor” John Tantillo and Wharton School of Business professor Jonah Berger.

Then, after last year’s devastating snowstorms, hurricanes and mudslides, are we out of the woods for this year, or is there more wild weather on the way? Weatherbell Analytics chief meteorologist Joe Bastardi gives Tom the forecast.  And, why are California cheese producers against a law that will protect dairy farmers in the state?  Tom gets to the bottom of the puzzling dairy fight.  Plus, the panel tackles why gun sales are soaring under Obama, if the Boy Scouts should relinquish their tax-exempt status in California so they can continue to exclude gays, and how the post office will stay in business if Congress won’t let them cut costs by eliminating Saturday deliveries!   All that and Tom hears from you with Comment Roulette

Don’t Miss “The Tom Sullivan Show” 7 & 10 PM ET Saturday and 7 PM Sunday on the FOX BUSINESS NETWORK!!