MS Detective, Suspect Shot Dead at Police Headquarters

Lee Vance, Rebecca Coleman

A Jackson, Mississippi homicide detective and a murder suspect are both dead after an incident at police headquarters.

Chris Davis with FOX News Radio affiliate WFMN in Jackson, Mississippi has details: 

Audio clip:

Eric Smith

Detective Eric Smith, one of Jackson’s top homicide detectives, leaves behind a wife and two sons. He was shot dead inside Jackson Police Headquarters.

This is Chief Rebecca Coleman:

(Coleman) “Upon our arrival, we found the suspect is deceased and we have a police officer that’s deceased.”

Cops aren’t saying too much beyond that beyond identifying the probable shooter as stabbing suspect, 23-year-old Jeremy Powell, who was picked up earlier in the day and was being interviewed. 

The state investigative team has now taken over.

Chris Davis, FOX News Radio.

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