(VIDEO) Sequester Hysteria, TSA Patting Down Toddlers & The Media’s Lying About The Economy: Top Of The Stack For February 22nd, 2013


1)How bad will the sequester be, according to the White House? Well, we'll let the Ghostbusters explain:

2) Outgoing Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says the sequester will be "painful" for travelers ...

3) "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius was granted bail today ..

3) Maybe housing isn't doing as great as some want you to believe.

4) The TSA is now apologizing for patting down a 3-year-old girl in a wheelchair ... The mom caught it all on tape. The troubling video is below:

5) The Next ObamaCare Trend: Employers no longer covering spouses under their health care plans

6) USATODAY: If you want to fix our country's education problem -- why don't we try to address all our broken families!


7) What's the big deal about eating horse meat?