(VIDEO) Rude!? Genius!? The Future Of The GOP!?: Conservative MD Criticizes ObamaCare as President @BarackObama Sits Just Feet Away

During last week’s National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Benjamin Carson caused quite the stir after he simply “criticized” ObamaCare. As President Obama sat just a few feet away, Dr. Carson lexplained why he thought the new health care reform bill wouldn’t work and then laid out his own plan for fixing our broken health care system.

When the video went “viral”, the Left called Dr. Carson rude, while conservatives praised the African American neurosurgeon.

Was it rude to criticize ObamaCare in front of the President? Does Dr. Benjamin deserve the love he’s been getting from the Right? And what do you think about his health care plan?

** UPDATE ** Was It President Obama who was rude to the doctor? A few callers suggested that the President ‘dissed’ Dr. Carson after his speech … check out the FULL video to see for yourself:

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