(VIDEO) Too High To Work: Is America’s RX Drug Problem Making It Hard To Find Good Help Nowadays


New York Businessman gives former employee a tongue lashing over his addiction to prescription drugs, posts it on YOUTUBE

**UPDATE** Pit Bull Motors owner Steve Trimboli called in to defend lambasting his former employee and posting it on YouTube! Trimboli said addicts like the one featured in the video are hurting his business and a burden on our society! LISTEN TO TOM'S FIERY INTERVIEW WITH STEVE TRIMBOLI BELOW:

Audio clip:

You would assume with America's high unemployment rate good help would be easy to come by these days. But according to one New York business owner, America's growing addiction to prescription drugs is making it harder and harder to fill available positions.

Steve Trimboli, owner of Pit Bull Motors, Inc. in Freeport, New York went viral on YOUTUBE this week when he posted a heated dispute between him and a employee he just fired. In the video, Trimboli accuses the man of showing up to work high on painkillers.

The unidentified employee eventually confesses his addiction problem, but then pleads for mercy. Trimboli was having none of it.

Much of the nearly ten minute video is a frustrated Trimboli lecturing the confessed addicts and complaining how addicts are costing his business time and money.

And it turns out, Trimboli is not alone. Other business owners are having similar problems.

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal claimed that despite a desperate need for labor to support Appalachia's booming energy industry, employers are having a hard time finding candidates who can pass a drug test!

Trimpoli says there are jobs out there, but those who are looking, or the "barnacles on the ass of progress" as described them, don't what have it takes to work.