Obama’s Immigration Reform


President Obama has unveiled his ideas for immigration reform, and says they're in line with the Senate's bi-partisan plan.   Will Congress be able to move on the plan, or will the issue be around for another election cycle?  Plus, why are employers so happy to see immigration reform?  Will changes in the law provide a boost for small businesses and be GOOD for our economy?


America's Addiction?

Is America's growing addiction to prescription drugs and painkillers making it harder for employers to fill positions?  Reportedly entire industries are struggling to find qualified employees because many candidates can't pass drug tests!  And, a recent YOUTUBE video shows a New York business owner firing an employee who is addicted to painkillers.  The business owner, Steve Trimboli, joins Tom to discuss why he says  good help is so hard to find.


Housing 'Good News'?

Last week, financial experts claimed the housing market has finally recovered and will fuel future growth.  However, Tom cautioned to be wary of the so-called "good news", and this week, housing data is reinforcing Tom's belief.  Tom explains why he isn't as high on the economy...