Senate Dems To Obama: If GOP Obstructs On Debt Limit, Take Action Without Them

schumer_murray_reidThe Senate’s leading Dems sent the President a letter urging action in the face of GOP blocking tactics. Jed Lewison summarizes the strategy — and the reaction:

The letter, which was signed by Harry Reid, Patty Murray, Chuck Schumer, and Dick Durbin, is being reported as an endorsement of raising the debt limit unilaterally, but that’s not entirely accurate. Unilaterally raising the debt limit would certainly be one way of sidestepping the debt limit crisis, but there are other options, including the platinum coin and issuing the equivalent of IOUs. … Republicans, of course, believe the Senate Democratic letter is an outrage, but despite their rhetoric, over here in the real world, the letter is nothing but common sense.

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