Karl Urban, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Cage star in the FOXLight DVD Releases: Week of 1-7-2013

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Judge Dredd gets a cinematic reboot in this week’s FOXLight DVD release roundup.  Dredd leans closer to the popular comic book than the laughable ‘90s Sylvester Stallone outing, with Karl Urban as Dredd teaming with Olivia Thirlby to fight Lena Headey as a prostitute-turned-druglord in futuristic America…

Director Tim Burton revisited and revised his earliest work for the stop-action animated Frankenweenie, the tale of a boy who tries to bring his deceased dog back to life.  Featuring the voices of Winona Ryder and Martin Short

Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Shue star as a mother and daughter who come to realize that their new home is haunted in House at the End of the Street

Parenthood’s Dax Shepard busts himself and fiancée Kristen Bell out of witness protection in order to pursue a job in Los Angeles in Hit & Run, a road-trip action-comedy also starring Bradley Cooper and Tom Arnold

And Nicolas Cage re-teams with Con Air-director Simon West for Stolen, with Cage as a former felon who must pull off one more heist with former partner Malin Akerman to save his kidnapped daughter.

New on Blu-ray

Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline in 1995’s French Kiss

The Greta Garbo classic Grand Hotel

1989 Oscar® winner for Best Picture Driving Miss Daisy

The original 1962 Gregory Peck/Robert Mitchum version of Cape Fear

And 1971’s Two-Lane Blacktop joins the Criterion Collection.

Commercial-free TV on DVD

Broadcast smash Smash: Season One

Basic cable hits:  Archer: The Complete Season ThreeDallas: The Complete First SeasonAnger Management: Season One…and Dance Moms: Season 2, Volumes 1 & 2

Premium cable faves:  Enlightened: The Complete First SeasonEpisodes: The Complete First & Second Seasons…and An Idiot Abroad 2

BBC Imports:  Doctor Who: Shada…and Red Dwarf: Series X

And TV classics:  Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Season Two…and 3rd Rock From The Sun: The Complete Seasons Five & Six.

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