This Weekend On “The Tom Sullivan Show” : What’s Next For The GOP? How Will The Fiscal Cliff Impact You? And Is A “Flat Tax” Realistic?

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Will former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts take over the RNC? Tom asks him about that and what the GOP needs to do to attract minority voters. Then, is the “fiscal cliff” just the beginning of the fiscal problems facing us in 2013? Former CBO director Douglas Holtz-Eakin weighs in. And, is a flat tax the only fair way for the government to collect money from American citizens? Tom talks with Utah Senator Mike Lee and economist Steve Moore. Then, Obamacare taxes are set to hit investment income earners. Fox Business Network’s Gerri Willis and Tracy Byrnes explain. Plus, the panel tackles the soaring gun sales, whether Detroit should get a government bailout, and words of the year — “socialism” and “capitalism”. All that and Tom hears from you with Comment Roulette!