Disney World Opens Largest-Ever Expansion

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    The small world that is Disney World is not so small anymore.  The amusement resort has opened its biggest expansion ever.

    FOX News Radio’s Dave Anthony reports:

    Audio clip:

    It’s a more magical kingdom.

    (Beauty & The Beast) “This is the day your dreams come true.”

    The new Fantasyland’s grand opening.

    (Disney) “It’s a small world, after all.”

    But it’s a lot bigger – double in size – in the park’s largest expansion, with new attractions.

    (Little Mermaid) “Under the sea…”

    There’s a new Little Mermaid ride, Dumbo’s Storybook Circus and the Beast’s Castle.

    (Beauty and the Beast) “Get out!”//”No!”

    You can find Belle in an enchanted forest, and there’s a new restaurant, too.

    (Beauty and the Beast) “Be our guest.”

    And it has something special for adults: the first one ever at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to serve beer and wine.

    Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.