Sylvester Stallone’s old-time action club leads the FOXLight DVD Releases: Week of 11-19-2012

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The Ghosts of Action Films Past lead the week’s DVD releases in the FOXLight.  Sylvester Stallone’s crew of mercenaries is hired by Bruce Willis for a seemingly simple task in The Expendables 2.  When said task goes awry, killing one of their own, payback is plotted and happily dished out.  Co-starring Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger

A whole new litter of talking pups stow away on Mrs. Claus’s sled bringing mischief and good wishes to the town of Pineville in Disney’s Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups.  Pretty soon, though, they and Mrs. Claus must save Christmas around the world.  With the human stars Cheryl Ladd, Josh Feldman and Richard Kind

Sean Lennon, Danny Masterson and Kris Lemche star in Alter Egos, where the government and public have stopped supporting super heroes, so a gaggle of misfit heroes launch a campaign to restore their respect…

The story of Minneapolis cult-rockers The Replacements gets told through memories and anecdotes from fans in the musical, writing and acting realms like Goo Goo Dolls, The Decemberists, Robert Christgau, Tom Arnold and George Wendt, in Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements.

New on Blu-ray

Director Michael Cimino’s confusing and studio bankrupting epic Heaven’s Gate joins the Criterion Collection

Musical clip-fests That’s Entertainment!, That’s Entertainment!, Part II and That’s Entertainment! III are compiled with extras in That’s Entertainment!: The Complete Collection

And the 20-year career of director Quentin Tarantino is celebrated in Tarantino XX, a boxed set handpicked by Tarantino containing Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds plus five hours of bonus material.

And Commercial-free TV on DVD

The just-aired Ken Burns documentary The Dust Bowl

History Channel’s Ancient Aliens: Season Four

Doctor Who: Limited Edition Gift Set, with Complete Seasons 1-6…

Transformers: Prime – Season Two

Sitcom classic Diff’rent Strokes: The Complete Fourth Season

The 1971 animated special The Point, narrated by Ringo Starr and with music written and performed by Harry Nilsson

And Complete Series sets featuring every single episode of McMillan & Wife…The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show…and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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