NY Probing Price Gouging Post-Sandy

    Are some businesses taking advantage of Superstorm Sandy’s victims? New York is now probing price gouging.

    FOX News Radio’s Dave Anthony reports from New York:

    Audio clip:

    It’s against the law to suddenly charge a lot more for essentials like food, water, or batteries or gasoline.¬†But New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman¬†is investigating hundreds of complaints about that since Sandy hit, most related to this crisis in New York and New Jersey:

    (Driver) “Have any gas?”

    A lot of stations ran out or had no power to pump gas, causing long lines:

    (Driver) “I’ve waited upwards of two hours some days. And it’s rough ’cause I have to fill my trucks every day.”

    There are also complaints about hotels raising rates. A business can defend higher prices if they show an increased cost to provide goods or services.

    In New York, Dave Anthony, FOX News Radio.