Time Travel To The Governorship of Romney

By- Sarah Betancourt

President Obama leads Mitt Romney 60-32 in Massachusetts.

After distancing himself from his record as governor, Romney decided to talk a good game and lay claim of Massachusetts’ strong rankings in education. During Romney’s single term, his state ranked #1 in the nation, but under a Democratic state legislature. The executive director of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees has called Romney “inconsequential.”

In the end, Romney’s influence was a mixed bag at most, and not much of a record to run on. From 2003-2007, Massachusetts’ per capita funding for public higher education decreased from $158 to $137, and in national rank, per capita state expenditures remained at 47th. Under his education policy, 83% of third- to twelfth-grade students learning English as a second language were not improving or speaking English well enough to go to regular classes.

Romney had a failed policy of providing John and Abigail Adams Scholarships that covered tuition for state colleges, but left students paying for fees, which can count for up to 80% of costs for some Massachusetts state schools. As a result, barely 25% of students decided to attend state colleges. If you call that success, I’ll eat my hat.

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