(VIDEO) Obama: ‘You Can’t Change Washington From the Inside’

Similar to when the POTUS isn't using the TOTUS, we now know President Obama comes off a lot less polished when he isn't being tossed softballs. Case in point, President Obama was finally asked some tough questions yesterday and many of his answers have people scratching their heads! Did President Obama's remarks on "Fast & Furious", immigration reform and "broken promises" expose him as the 'empty chair' the right claim him to be?

PLUS: By the way, the unusually challenging questions yesterday weren't from NBC or CBS, but from the people at Univision. Basically, it took a Spanish speaking network to finally put Obama on the hot seat. So, it's no wonder America's trust in the 'mainstream' media is hitting new lows! In fact, according to GALLUP, 60 percent of Americans say they have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news properly! How is both the media's reporting and our country's lack of trust in their reporting impacting this Presidential race?

Obama's Tax On The Middle Class

According to the CBO, six million Americans will get hit by Obamacare's health mandate penalty! Even worse, 80% of those folks will be middle class Americans or worse.

Have We Finally Hit Bottom?

Once again, more mixed news this week regarding the housing market! Why are builders so confident? And why are some experts so worried? Tom takes a closer look at all the data and puts its all to his Smell Test!