[Video] Statists!

Statists! First Lady Michelle Obama gave a stirring biographical speech about her life and President Obama’s life along with many anecdotes about how Government made their lives better. Prior to her speech, the Democrats played a film which included the line, “..Government is the only thing we all belong to.” Doesn’t the Government belong to us? Gibson examines.

War! The DNC is staging a Second Day of “War on Women” guests and speakers at tonight’s Convention, including Sandra Fluke and ….Bill Clinton. However a new ABC/WaPo Poll shows that President Obama has gone underwater in approval from….women. This is after fighting this fake “War on Women” for months. Is this a losing topic? Gibson rules.

Plus: Is it a dog whistle for Gibson to Report that Food Stamp usage has gone up yet again? Birth Control Pills over Stacks of Bills and the burgeoning problem of Third Party candidates.

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