AEHQ: Ryan’s Budget Turns Focus on Economy [VIDEO]

Now that Mitt Romney has chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, both sides are turning to a signature piece of the House Budget Committee Chairman’s work as part of their campaigns.

FOX Business Network’s Rich Edson has this Election Update from Washington:

Audio clip:

It’s Paul Ryan – the House Budget Committee Chairman is Governor Mitt Romney’s running mate and with that, a hope among Republicans this election becomes a referendum on the economy. ¬†Republicans say they can beat President Obama with a discussion about his Administration’s economic performance.

Democrats are pointing to Chairman Ryan’s budget, especially its Medicare overhaul. ¬†They say it will end Medicare. ¬†Republicans say Medicare will end itself, and Ryan’s plan preserves seniors’ health benefits for future generations.

Rich Edson, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more campaign reaction to Ryan’s budget HERE: