FOXLight – DVD Releases: Week of 7-2-2012

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With the major studios staking their independence from major DVD releases this week, it’s Straight-to-DVD time in the FOXLight…

Willem Dafoe is The Hunter, sent into the Tasmanian wilderness to extract the DNA of a seemingly extinct tiger.  Also starring Sam Neill and Frances O’Connor

A teenaged art prodigy abandoned by his drug addled mother finds refuge in the underground world of high dollar art forgery in The Forger, starring Josh Hutcherson, Hayden Panettiere and Alfred Molina

Comic Bobcat Goldthwait directs God Bless America, a dark comedy in which a broken spirited Joel Murray is determined to take back the country from morons and derelicts one bullet at a time, with the help of teenage accomplice Tara Lynne Barr

Snoop Dogg is a high school pot dealer who teams up with class valedictorian Wiz Khalifa in order to finally graduate and hook up with a sexy substitute teacher in Max and Devlin Go To High School, also featuring 15 Snoop and Wiz tracks on the soundtrack…

And ‘80s sitcom star Kirk Cameron travels across the U.S. and Europe on a very serious trip to discover the people, places and principles that made America great in Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure.

Shout! Factory provides the week’s sole Music on DVD release: 1977’s The Grateful Dead Movie, now deluxed out with upgraded video and sound, plus a second DVD full of bonus features.

New on Blu-ray

Jane Fonda’s 1968 melding of sex and sci-fi Barbarella

Disney’s Treasure Planet returns in a 10th Anniversary Edition

Tom Cruise in Oliver Stone’s anti-war drama Born on the Fourth of July

Barbara Hershey in 1982’s thriller The Entity

John Travolta’s dullard-to-genius fantasy Phenomenon

And Robert Redford’s equine drama The Horse Whisperer.

Finally, commercial-free TV on DVD

Classic dramas:  Mannix: The Seventh Season…Streets of San Francisco: Season 3, Volumes 1 & 2…and Dynasty: The Sixth Season, Volumes 1 & 2

‘80s and ‘90s comedies:  The Best of The Cosby Show, Volume 2…and Becker: The Fourth Season

Saturday Night Live: The Women of SNL

And UK faves:  Midsomer Murders: Box Set 20…and George Gently: Series 4.

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In New York…I’m Rob Maurer, FOX News Talk!