Lungs Found on Los Angeles Sidewalk

File Photo

Update:  The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office says the lungs found on the sidewalk were not human. 

Investigators in California will breathe a little easier once they find out why a pair of lungs were discovered on a south Los Angeles sidewalk over the weekend.

FOX News Radio’s Jessica Rosenthal explains:

Audio clip:

A woman called Sheriff’s officials Sunday to say she’d found organs on a sidewalk.  The L.A. County Medical Examiner’s Office says they’re lungs.  They don’t know if they’re human or animal, but hope to have more answers tomorrow (Tuesday) after some testing.

A lieutenant at the Coroner’s Office says they don’t know where they came from, and it is possible that they were a part of a study or maybe came from a medical school.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.

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