Judge in Trayvon Martin Case Steps Aside [VIDEO]

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The original judge assigned to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida has recused herself.  Among other things, Judge Jessica Recksiedler’s husband has been contracted to serve as a TV analyst during George Zimmerman’s trial.

FOX News Radio’s Eben Brown has more on the recusal from Miami:

Audio clip:

The judge in Sanford, Florida presiding over the legal case involving Trayvon Martin’s admitted shooter, neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, says she is stepping aside after Zimmerman’s attorney argued she had a possible conflict-of-interest.

Judge Jessica Recksiedler’s husband works with an Orlando attorney once approached by Zimmerman’s family to represent him.  A new judge has already been assigned, as proceedings involving the second-degree murder charge Zimmerman faces for killing the unarmed teen get underway.

Zimmerman says he shot Martin in self-defense.

In Miami, Eben Brown, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more on the case and Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law HERE: