Federal Judge to Face Misconduct Review for Anti-Obama Email

    A federal judge blows the whistle on himself for sending a self-described ‘racist’ President Obama e-mail.

    FOX News Radio’s Chris Stanley reports:

    Audio clip:

    Judge Richard Cebull, the Chief Federal Judge in the state of Montana, will be undergoing a judicial misconduct review by an appeals court.

    Why? Cebull sent an e-mail to a half-dozen friends that contained a racist joke involving bestiality and President Obama’s mother.

    The judge initiated the complaint process himself, saying he “didn’t send it as racist, although that’s what it is. I sent it out because its anti-Obama”, and “I am not a fan of our President”.

    There are already calls from groups like ‘Common Cause’ and ‘The Montana Human Rights Network’ for Cebull to step down.

    Chris Stanley, FOX News Radio


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