U.S. Forces Will Leave Iraq by the End of the Year


    President Obama announced Friday that all U.S. Troops will leave Iraq by the end of the year.

    Listen HERE to Highlights of the President's comments:

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    FOX News Radio's Jessica Stone has more on the troop drawdown from Washington DC:

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    -There are currently 40,000-45,000 U.S. troops in Iraq

    -The United States in spending roughly $135 million per day in Iraq

    -Iraq troop surge began in March 2007 peaking at 170,300 troops in November 2007

    -4,482 U.S. troops have been killed during the Iraq War

    -More than 32,000 U.S. troops have been injured during the Iraq War

    -More than a million U.S. service men and women have served in Iraq

    -Cost of the Iraq War:  $805.5 billion (FY01-FY11)

    -U.S. has been in Iraq for about 3,140 days

    -August 2011: Marked the first month without a single United States service member dying