#Twoppics: Scarlett Johansson, Jose Baez, Michaele Salahi

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Blake Lively.  Brett Favre.  Vanessa Hudgens.  Anthony Weiner.  The “Oops! Cell Phones and Naked Pictures Don’t Mix” Club has another member, Scarlett Johansson.  ((I know for a fact that my account was hacked))  Weiner’s wasn’t…but authorities are investigating this newest one.  FOX News Radio’s Sabrina Sabbagh reporting.  The Twitterverse is a bunch of comedians, like @RayWJ


and @TheBosha

Jose Baez is in Aruba, but he’s not celebrating Casey Anthony’s freedom.  The prime suspect in the disappearance of an American woman on the island is hoping the defense maestro has a little more magic up his sleeve. FOX News Radio’s @FoxEbenBrown in Miami.  The Twittersphere…not a big fan of Jose Baez.  Just ask @desertdawg


or @jinkasaurusLOL, who’s waiting for the “Some Other Dude Did It”…

Is there trouble in spotlight-seeking paradise?  White House crasher Tareq Salahi calls 9-1-1, saying his wife’s been kidnapped, that she’s supposed to be in northern Virginia, but called from an Oregon area code.  Cops say they called the number, she was calm and said she was with a good friend, where she wanted to be, and that she didn’t want Tareq to know where that is.  According to TMZ, the where is on the road…with a rock band…  Yup, that’s right, they report that Journey’s rep confirmed she’s with that good friend – guitarist Neal Schon.  She apparently ran off to Nashville Tuesday night to see Schon, and they’re together in Memphis, where the band performs tonight.  @Flamestitch was never buying the camera-craving couple’s story…

Which even pulled fellow Real Housewives of DC castmate Catherine Ommanney into the mess…

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