#Twoppics: East Coast ‘Quake

Twoppics, taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about Tuesday’s East Coast Earthquake…

Audio clip:

It was a little post-lunch tremor…if you consider a 5.8 earthquake to be little…that left many along the East Coast…

((shaken, not stirred))

The rumbler was centered in Mineral, Virginia, but was felt all over the eastern seaboard.  From Capitol Hill…

((I was sitting on the 3rd floor of the Capitol, on the House side.  And it felt as though the shockwave went from the Senate side to the House side.  And at first there was just a slight trembling.  There’s an elevator bank very close to the office that I use, and I thought that maybe it was something like that.  They’re also doing a lot of construction on Capitol Hill right now, during the recess, you know, in refurbishing things…and I thought it might be something related to that.))

FOX Capitol Hill Producer Chad Pergram isn’t the only one to mistake it for construction…

((After 3 to 4 seconds, when it continued, I realized that was not the case.  And when my dogs went flying off the bed I realized, “oh, we’re having an earthquake.”))

Only difference…Chad Pergram’s in Washington, that woman is in North Carolina.

((I feel the Earth move, under my feet…))

It was felt all the way from South Carolina up into Canada.  @SteveKazee knows why it was so widely felt…

but West Coasters, like @effectua


and @AnnoyedGamer

…still think everyone overreacted.

There was some damage, which @walkeje saw first-hand…

and the National Cathedral tweeted photos of…

((Shake, rattle and roll…Every mornin’…Shake, rattle and roll…))

So why’d it happen? @RogerKnott

and @LordVoldemort7

…have their ideas.

And as @KuhrazySammi points out…

…there’s still a hurricane on the way.

I’m @Chris_Hoenig ((I’m all shook up)) and those are your hot #Twoppics on FOX News Radio.

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