#Twoppics – Decapitated Son, Missing Aruba Woman, Casey Anthony Book

Twoppics,  taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about some of  the hottest stories of the day…

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A Louisiana father is under arrest after admitting to the gruesome murder of his disabled son.  FOX News Radio’s Karyn Regal has more… Twitter is in a state of disbelief about the crime, including @purplepleather


and @trevineanise


In Aruba, a man being investigated in the mysterious disappearance of an American woman is going to remain in jail for the next couple of weeks… FOX News Radio’s @FoxEbenBrown.  The frequency of vanishing women on the island is alarming to some on Twitter, like @ArsenioOFFICIAL

While @sbellelauren laments her lack of travel partner…

Casey Anthony has inked a book deal, according to various reports.  The deal is said to be worth six-figures, which is infuriating to many on Twitter.  There’s no word on when this book will hit shelves or exactly what details the Florida woman – who is appealing the order to return to the state for probation – will unveil.  Basketball star Blake Griffin is tweeting about it…

…and that’s got the Twittersphere talking on its own.  @the_moonface


…is also talking about the book deal.

I’m @Chris_Hoenig and those are your hot #Twoppics on FOX News Radio.