#Twoppics – Crime: Fugitive Siblings, Anthony Sowell, Principal Murder

Twoppics, taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about the hottest crime stories of the day…

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They took the money and ran…almost all the across the country.  But the long-distance crime spree of three fugitive siblings has come to an end.  FOX News Radio’s @FoxEbenBrown has details… @RJ0hn50n likes that it would never be her…

While, in a sign of the times, the Colorado State Patrol helped break the news through Twitter…

A convicted serial killer is one step closer to his last step.  A Cleveland jury has recommended the death penalty for Anthony Sowell FOX News Radio’s @jeffmonosso reporting. @itssdestinyy


and @jamericangrl824

…are not at all sad to possibly see him go.

An academy principal in Memphis, Tennessee is dead, the apparent victim of murder.  The suspect?  A 17-year-old student.  That student is in custody after the body of Suzette York was found in a classroom Wednesday morning.  Word is still just spreading through the Twittersphere, where @corysparks

and @ElleKeys_Style

…are talking about the story.

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