Radio Buzz: Atheists Against 9/11 Cross Memorial

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A group of Atheists – think the display of the World Trade Center cross at the 9/11 Memorial – is unconstitutional…

…even calling it a “mingling of church and state.”

“I had a chance to actually talk with the President of the Atheist group – and he said it’s criminal – quote criminal – to have a cross in a public museum – a museum that’s paid for with tax dollars.”

That was Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes – speaking with Scott at WERC in Birmingham…

What do the folks at the World Trade Center Foundation have to say about it?  They’re the nonprofit – by the way – that runs the museum.

“They say – that it really represents all faiths. All faith groups – quite frankly – and that’s one of the reasons why they want this 17 foot tall cross inside the museum. Which is where it is now – they just moved it. That museum opens up in September.

So what is the Atheist group asking for – to remove it or what?

“The Atheists want it removed. OR – they want displays for other religions and non religions in the museum.”

Does the case even have legs? That question – asked of Attorney Justin Leto – of Gary at KFAB in Omaha…

“Well – from a legal standpoint – you know – I’m a proponent for separation of church and state – but in this case I don’t see any church or state issue. I mean – the memorial is run by a private nonprofit group – and this is an iconic symbol. It was found at the World Trade Center rubble. And I just can’t understand why this symbol that was found there and became important to the people who were doing the recovery work would have to be separated from the memorial – it’s part of the memorial.”

So how do you think it’s going to play out in the courts – Justin?

“When the court examines this – whichever court this was filed in by this Atheist group – they’re going to do an examination of whether or not this is in face a religion symbol, and because it was found there and was part of the rubble – it just happens to be in the shape of a cross – I don’t think they’re going to consider this to be some Church related item – it’s going to be an iconic symbol that was found there and should be part of the memorial.”

I’m willing to bet – this isn’t the last time we’ll hear of this story…

I’m Jessica Curtis – and that’s your Talk Radio Buzz, from Fox News Radio.

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