#Twoppics – Politics: Congressman Wu, Debt Crisis, Cemetery Prayers

Twoppics, taking a look at what people on Twitter are saying about the hottest political stories of the day…

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It was a big “whoops” by Congressman Wu.  Oregon Democrat David Wu announced his resignation today, though he’s holding on until a hot button topic is settled… FOX News Radio’s Jessica Rosenthal reporting.  Wu’s tiger costume pictures are not helping him out any on Twitter, especially with @jimgeraghty

or @theamazingPeebs

While @lil3ichmann is taking a far more serious approach to the scandal…


Speaking of that hot button topic, the debt crisis continues to take center stage in DC.  Both sides took to TV Monday night to try to get the American people to see the benefits of their plan.  House Speaker John Boehner’s plan looks to be the first to get voted on…but the White House threatens to veto it… FOX News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz reports.  Forget passing the Senate, some conservative Republicans are suggesting there aren’t enough cuts in spending to get the bill through the House.  Optimism is fading on Twitter, including @pourmecoffee

And @EliBraden thinks talks are really just a gimmick…

Finally, a Texas Congressman says he has first-hand evidence that the Veterans Administration is censoring Catholic prayers at Houston National Cemetery.  FOX News Radio’s @toddstarnes has the details…Twitter is getting the story thanks to Todd and a similar post over at foxnews.com, and the story is getting opinions from readers like @MicahMorris


and @quiltlindar

I’m @Chris_Hoenig and those are your hot #Twoppics on FOX News Radio.