#Twoppics – Roy Kronk/Casey Anthony, Google+, Tom Petty/American Girl

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Your twoppic of the moment is Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found little Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains… FOX News Radio’s @FoxEbenBrown reporting from outside the Orlando courthouse where he’s been following the Casey Anthony murder trial.  The Twittersphere really got into this bit of testimony…@jabberjim


and @BNeathItAll


…all tweeted about Kronk.

Your twoppic of the day is Google+, Google’s competition for Facebook.  What if you’re friends with your boss…and your favorite drinking buddy.  Don’t mesh, right?  There’s a “circle” for that…  There’s also “hangouts” where you can video chat with up to 10 people.  It’ll even automatically upload photos from your phone…which means you may want to double-check them before you save them.  That’s also advice from @Reputation_com

While @sidin

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Your top twoppic is another campaign music controversy, this time featuring Tom Petty and his song, “American Girl.” The Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer seems to be taking exception to GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s use of this song during campaign appearances, issuing a cease-and-desist order to prevent her from playing it.  This isn’t the first time an artist has had an issue with a Republican presidential candidate using their music—you may recall John Mellancamp asking John McCain not to use “Our Country” and “Pink Houses” during the ’08 elections.  The Twitterverse is making their opinions known, including @sjsturkie

and @EricStangel

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