[Video] Wait…more taxes?

Bail-Out! President Obama wants to put a moratorium on States having the pay the Interest on Billions of Dollars loaned to them, by the Feds, to cover their huge Unemployment Insurance obligations. He wants to turn around in 2014 and allow the States to double the amount of Unemployment Insurance Taxes Employers have to pay. Gibson Examines. Plus: Congressional Democrats to introduce Bill extending Unemployment Max to 113 Weeks!

Toyota! A year ago, while GM & Chrysler were in the weeds, the Obama Administration did the "Full Court Press" to highlight the problems Toyota was having with "Sudden Acceleration" accidents. Now, the Federal Government's 10 Month study found Toyota wasn't at fault and there was no Electronic Malfunction. Shouldn't someone apologize? Gibson speaks with Tom Sullivan.

Choo Choo! President Obama is following through on his dream of giving Americans what they've been demanding for decades...a High Speed Rail System? Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden said the Feds want to spend 53 Billion Dollars to get started on this backdoor liberal Unionized Job Program! Gibson judges it.

Plus: Federal Unionize Workers Protest in DC, Liberal Anchors want Rummy to say Iraq was Wrong War, LiLo in deep trouble and Halle Berry's "One Drop" Controversy!