[Video] He still doesn’t get it! Plus: A new bridezilla?

Consensus! The Democrats are voting today to re-install the most unpopular politician in the Western World as their Minority Leader. Dick Cheney is mocking President Obama in front of President Bush. Newt Gingrich is telling the President to take the off the rest of the year and the Republicans just nixed the "Slurpee Summit." Gibson likes all of it. Plus: Far Left (see Labor Unions, Soros Funded Front Groups) demand Obama not to cave on Bush Tax Cuts!

Opt Out! Congressman and future Chairman of the House Transportation Committee John Mica (R-FL) has penned a letter to 150 Airport Chiefs urging them to stop using TSA Agents. The effort made more urgent given the TSA has just been given the green light to Unionize. Meanwhile, groups are forming to affect a "National Opt- Out Day" on November 24th, wherein travelers refuse to use the scanners, forcing pat downs and slowing Holiday Travel to a crawl. Gibson speaks with George Donnelly from "We Opt Out."

Plus: Why are Americans obsessed with the Royal Family of a Dead Empire? Bristol proves the Power of Mama Grizzly! Politico offers advice to Frisky and Ugly Frosh Congressman! Baby Boomers don't like the term "Grandpa or Grandma," seek more "trendy" titles.