Radio Buzz: Dow Takes a Dive; Flag Shirt Flap.

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The radio buzz… the top talk radio stories of the day…

Audio clip:


The dow took a dive!!!!

Nearly 1,000 points yesterday!

That’s Jordan Goodman – author of Fast Profits in Hard Times speaking with Bill Wills at WTAM Cleveland, OH.

Also spinning up some buzz today…

Flag shirt flap!

Wear an American flag shirt on Cinco de Mayo – don’t bother going to school.

At least that goes for the students of Morgan Hill High – in Morgan Hill, CA.

One of the five students sent home – Daniel Galli had this to say:

The Principal of the school reportedly was fearful of fights breaking out between the 5 students and the Mexican American Students who were celebrating their heritage.

Former federal prosecutor Doug Burns was on coast to coast, with many of our Fox radio stations today speaking on this story…

The parents of the 5 “patriotic” students say that the school made a very “un-American” decision.

I’m Jessica Curtis – and this has been your talk radio buzz, from Fox News Radio.